Don't Just Play, Understand!

Professional Theory Lessons

MUSIC THEORY is the understanding of how music is put together. It's the "nuts and bolts" of music, if you will. It explains why Jazz sounds like jazz, and country sounds like country. The better you understand music theory, the more ability you have to make your music sound the way you want it to sound....and you will know why it sounds that way. 

Music theory is a lot like math. If you learn the concepts in the proper order, it seems refreshingly easy. Learning them out of order, it seems like "rocket science". Our theory course is quicker and easier than any method ever.

We recommend that you cover the topics in order. If you already know the concepts well, move on. If you need to back up to get something you don't know, back up and get it. Follow these simple rules and you will learn more than you ever imagined.

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