Don't Just Play, Understand!

Intermediate Ear Training

Ear training teaches how to play by ear. A person that plays by ear doesn’t have a unique, “MAGICAL” gift that others don’t. He simply “listens” to music a different way. Some people “stumble” upon this way of listening by accident. These are the “gifted” ones that we call “born with it”.
THE GOOD NEWS is that anyone can learn this wonderful skill. And I do mean ANYONE!!! We have taught people like you this wonderful gift for 15 years at KENERLY MUSIC STUDIO. If you have ever wanted to hear music, recognize what you hear and play it back, take heart. It is not only for the “gifted” and “born with it” folks. If you are bold enough to try it, we can teach you to do it also. Simply click the EAR TRAINING link below to get started.
HOW DOES IT WORK? There are three steps to learning to play by ear.
1. Demystify!!! Don’t be intimiated. You see and understand more when you are relaxed.
2. Awareness. You have to know what to listen for. We will show you that.
3. Repetition. Once you know what to listen for, just listen over and over. Soon you will recognize progressions (chord patterns) as sure as you recognize your best friend’s voice.
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